Les Cottages du Lagon are located in St François at the tip of Grande Terre, facing La Désirade, lulled by the trade winds all year round.

A seaside resort that has kept the charming side of a fishing village.A small, but full of life, fishing port, with arrivals and sales of fish.
Around the marina and its sailboats: shops, restaurants, casino and the only golf course in Guadeloupe.
Discover the tip of the castles, the Saintes, the Désirade,Marie-Galante, the Grande Soufrière volcano, the Cousteau reserve,…
By car you are at:
– 3 minutes from the Casino, – 5 minutes from the city center, – 6 minutes from the marina or heavenly beaches, – 9 minutes from the Saint-François international golf course, – 2 km from Raisins Clairs Beach, 7 km from Bois Jolan Beach and Anse de la Gourde, 11 km from Sainte-Anne Beach, 13 km from Plage Caravelle.


Air Baptism

The Saint François Caraïbes Flying Club is ideally located in Guadeloupe, only a few minutes away from the Pointe des Châteaux, Petit Terre and La Désirade, each take-off is a show you will never get tire of, over the magnificent lagoon of Saint-François.


The Saint-François golf course in Guadeloupe offers you all the services of a high quality golf course. The golf course is located in the heart of the town Saint-François, a real Guadeloupean seaside resort that welcomes you, all year long, with its restaurants, stores, sports activities and cultural events.
Activité yoga possible aux cottages du lagon


Ask for a yoga class directly on the site of the Cottages du Lagon. Contact to define the duration and the number of participants. 15€ per person for 90 minutes of yoga & guided meditation with YOGARTIST


By car you are 2 km from Raisins Clairs Beach, 7 km from Bois Jolan Beach and Anse de la Gourde, 11 km from Sainte-Anne Beach, 13 km from Plage Caravelle.


Island of the Saintes

The islands of Les Saintes cover only 12

km2, but they are characterized by a large

coastline, enriched by those of four small uninhabited islands. The coasts of

these islands are devoid of real reefs, but their rocky bottoms are lined with corals.

La Soufrière

The hike to La Soufrière, an active volcano culminating at an altitude of 1467 meters. La Soufrière, nicknamed the "Old Lady", is the highest point of the island, a real must-see.


Marie-Galante has preserved its authenticity while developing its tourism. Its radiant countryside and its immaculate beaches will be the strong points of your stay that you can complete, if you come during Pentecost, by the music festival "Terre de Blues".

Pointe des Châteaux

Nestled 45 km from Pointe-à-Pitre, Pointe des Châteaux is a peninsula located 11 km from the town of Saint-François. The latter is a coastal strip beaten by the sea and the winds, offering a unique natural spectacle. Among the most visited sites in Guadeloupe